3 cryptocurrencies that have been hotly debated this week

1. ​Chinonly (VET)

If you're really looking for an affordable cryptocurrency, Only Chain may have a good option for you. However, even at current fee levels, most VET buyers stand to lose a lot from the promotion.

So it's much more effective for you to have a digital asset that closes off weak holders, brings readability to the expense scale, improves short-term portfolio balance and stabilises a sizeable fortune, and dexa scan near me.

VeChain is a synonym for VeChain Thor Blockchain. Prochain Raytheon Block Chain is designed for supply chain management and business enterprise processes through distributed laser technology.

2. Chainlink

LINK is a decentralized prophet network that supports smart contracts. The entire DeFi ecosystem depends on it. No Chainlink, no DeFi. Chainlink provides real-time data to a blockchain that supports smart contracts. It was the first company to allow the integration of off-chain data into smart contracts. For example, the Ethereum blockchain doesn't know the price of bitcoin or the trading price of Tesla's stock. Chainlink provides this real-time information to the blockchain, which is needed because smart contracts can't function without real-time data.

In addition, Chainlink is currently trading $6 off its all-time high of $52. Now is a good time to buy ru.

3. Tong Yuan (TON)

In addition to the recent rally in the cryptocurrency market as a whole, TON remains one of the most prominent digital asset trades in the green zone. Notably, Toncoin has benefited from aggressive web development and adoption news, supported by messaging platform Telegram.

The recent rally came after the gate.​ io exchange announced its support for TON/USDT, a pair of SafePal encrypted packets used in futures trading. In addition, the asset rose after Telegram announced that users could buy blockchain-based identities through Toncoin. The new feature allows users to bypass the need to use a SIM card.

Elsewhere, TON technical analysis remains bullish, with TradingView's one-day indicator in line with a "buy" sentiment at 15, while the moving average is a "strong buy" at 13. The shock indicator remained neutral at 6.

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