What's the difference between a van semi and a container semi

The main difference between van semi trailer and container semi trailer is the different structure, van semi trailer cargo car belongs to the vehicle, container semi trailer cargo car is the category of goods, in addition, they also have some differences in length, use. Semitrailers are commonly used to pull express deliveries, container semitrailers have the advantage of greater transport volume, but may not be as safe as van semitrailers. Let's learn the difference between van semi trailer and container semi trailer together with Custom semi trailer manufacturers.

First, what is the difference between the van semi trailer and the container semi trailer?​

​The van semi-trailer and container semi-trailer belong to the semi-trailer, used to transport goods, but they still have some differences. The van semi-trailer and container semi-trailer's main differences are:

1. Different structure

The cargo compartment part of the van semi-trailer belongs to the vehicle itself, only the skeleton of the container semi-trailer is the vehicle itself, and the cargo compartment part belongs to the category of "cargo".

62c28fa768decd3e0d9ee090d0af66bd2. Different lengths

According to the regulations, the length limit of the van semi trailer is 13.75 meters; ​container semitrailers are used to transport containers. Considering the length of containers, the regulations have relaxed the length of semi-trailers for 45 foot containers to 13.95 meters.

3. Different uses

The van semi-trailer is mainly used to transport household appliances, light textile goods, coal, sand and other construction materials and map plate goods; ​container semi trucks are specially used to transport containers, dangerous goods tank boxes and other special goods.

Two, van semi trailer and container semi trailer which are suitable for express delivery

With the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, the express industry is also developing rapidly. The semi trailer is commonly used for express transportation. Compared with the container semi trailer, which is more suitable for express delivery?

The two transport scenarios of the express industry are characterized by: steep timeliness and expressway; ​the density of cargo is tiny, but the volume of cargo compartment is required to be large. ​Normally speaking, the volume of container semi trailer is larger, which is used to pull the express transportation volume larger. However, the container semi-trailer also has some disadvantages, that is, the container and semi-trailer only rely on 6-8 container special locking structure for connection, once the emergency brake situation is easy to cause damage to the cargo car, and even rush to the cab to threaten the safety of the car personnel, Relatively speaking, the van semi-trailer is safer.

To sum up, the van semi trailer and container semi trailer pull express have their own advantages and disadvantages. How to choose mainly depends on the requirements of transportation express.

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