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  1. College student volunteer activity planning scheme (5 articles)
    is the quality level of strong guarantee activities, and the activity plan is often required. The event plan is the strategy of the entire event, which can indicate the direction of the event. How should we write a event plan? Here are the essays of the college student volunteer activity plan for college student volunteers (5 articles). Welcome to share it.

    The college student volunteer activity planning scheme 1. Activity background:
    The society now has a lot of lonely old people. As a new era of college students and young volunteers, we are very obliged to take on this social responsibility and continue to carry forward this traditional virtue that continues to endlessly. In order to cultivate our young volunteers' service skills and actively implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee on building a harmonious socialist society, we have carried out this theme of "Love in the sunset and caring for the elderly".
    Activity theme: "Love to stay in the sunset, care for the elderly"
    The event location: xx
    December 20xx
    1. Let more young volunteers send care and warmth to the elderly in the nursing home, so that they can feel the warmth of the world.
    2. Let young volunteers feel the happiness and satisfaction of serving the people, learn to care about elders, respect the elderly, and cultivate strong minds, tenacious will, and social responsibility.
    3. The spirit of training young volunteers, hard work, and respect for the elderly.
    4. Let the volunteers fulfill the obligations of volunteers, not empty names.
    5. The opportunity to exercise for volunteers, especially the ability of organizations and teams
    6. Establish an example for respecting the elderly and the elderly for all sectors of society, promote the tradition of respecting the elderly and the old Infinite love contributes to the creation of a harmonious society.
    . Preparations:
    1. All meetings of young volunteer officers and above, discuss and formulate the event plan, and clarify the project content and project division of labor.
    2. Organization related content, picture exhibition, drawing resume. (Pictures of the picture into video playback)
    3. Contact the leader of the college owner to be permitted to negotiate the specific arrangements and related details of this event.
    4. Determine the number of volunteers participating in the event, add the introduction to the situation again, actively mobilize them to work together to successfully complete the established service items.
    5. Event publicity (poster, banner, etc.), and the living committee members are responsible for purchasing gifts.
    6. Prepare activity equipment (camera, flag, banner, gift, table and chair, certificate, unified clothing, water, etc.)
    . Activity plan:
    . For the main activity.
    2. Participating in the group to participate in this love baton. Let's connect our hearts, pull hands, convey love.
    3. Play some videos to the nursing home for three days. Let young volunteers better understand the significance of the Youth Association.
    4. Concentrated volunteers before the beginning, count the number of people, and explain the details.
    5. After the event, each volunteer is in accordance with the arrangement of service. The green team is mainly responsible for helping cleaning and collecting waste products.
    6. After the event, the volunteer is called and counts on the number of people.
    5. Event remarks:
    1. Volunteers must adhere to the principle of "civilized politeness, strictness to obey". Building a harmonious campus is of great significance.
    2. During the competition, all staff must be serious and responsible. They must not hang around themselves and open their small differences. All participants must abide by the college's work discipline and rules and regulations.
    3. Volunteers must consciously follow the work of the staff. Do not listen to the command, be quite dry, disrupt the work plan, and everything must be strictly implemented in accordance with the established plan.
    4. All volunteers participating in the event must be uniformly clothing and wearing volunteer badges according to the regulations.
    6. Methods:
    1. Volunteer flag. The promotion content is "Youth Volunteer Association"
    2. Publicity banner. The propaganda content is the theme of this event "Love in the sunset, caring for the elderly"
    3. Poster paste to introduce the relevant content of young volunteers.
    Seven. Precautions:
    1. Participants should pay attention to safety and team consciousness. When you encounter problems, report to the person in charge in time.
    2. All volunteers must strictly perform their respective responsibilities in accordance with the plan, carry forward the spirit of not being afraid of suffering and not afraid of tiredness, and practice as a qualified and excellent young volunteer with practical actions.
    eight, post -arrangement:
    . The reward system
    The first place: you can get exquisite small gifts and 100 yuan reward
    The second place: you can get exquisite small gifts and 60 yuan Reward
    third place: you can get exquisite small gifts and 40 yuan reward
    Fourth place: you can get exquisite small gifts and 20 yuan reward
    Fifth place: you can get a beautiful small gift
    The spiritual civilization award, group cooperation award, civilized appearance award, according to disciplinary awards, etc.
    The Youth Volunteer Association is a public welfare organization with a period of time and dedication. It is a new force for serving the society in the new period.
    Colidate volunteer activity planning scheme 2 General college students will participate in volunteer activities during college. Volunteer activities are to bring warmth to others and bring themselves growth. This is a good move. To carry forward a good spirit of helping others, we must first do an activity plan before organizing volunteer activities to make the event better.
    . The background of the activity
    I respects the traditional virtues of the old Chinese nation. In today's society, forced life pressure, the younger generation of work is more busy. There are few, so the elderly feel lonely, especially when they are near the holidays. As the New Year's Day is approaching, the elderly in the Anyang Sanari Nursing Home are suffering from their children and their children are not. After learning about this, members of the branch actively discussed and decided to organize this volunteer activity to spend this happily to accompany the elderly to spend this happily. An important festival.
    . The purpose of the event
    1. The traditional virtue of respecting the old and loving the elderly as contemporary college students, awakening the social consciousness in people's hearts, so as to better inherit our traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.
    2. Communicate with the old people to solve the troubles in the hearts of the elderly, so that they no longer feel lonely, feel the care of our entire society; add fun to their lives and make them have a good attitude.
    3. Enhance the practical and language communication ability of the branch members, so that members can gain something and feel.
    three, topic:
    New New Year's Eve warm
    . Activity time
    January 1
    . Activity location
    n6. Activity objects
    In Anyang Sanchai Yiyi Elderly
    Seven. Event content
    . Organize members of this branch and members of subordinate clubs to Sandui Yangyuan A quilt, shampooing, repairing nails, and organizing clothes.
    2. Invite the elderly people in the elderly home to tell us all their personal experiences, and carry out a spiritual baptism and education for the students; at the same time, please also perform some programs for the elderly.
    . The staff of the branch organize activities to perform the show in accordance with the scheduled plan.
    8. Event process
    1. The branch holds a ministerial meeting to discuss the activity. The parts are allocated by task.
    3. Related materials for the application of the event, and for approval of the department and the relevant departments of the school.
    The college student volunteer activity planning plan 3. The background of the activity
    The wind of the golden autumn, sending the dark fragrance; Although the National Day has bid farewell to the end, the breath of the birthday of the motherland XX is still surrounded by us. Regardless of whether it is a contemporary college student or a young volunteer, we all want to give our own power to our dear motherland to give our own gifts. Although it is not as good as the athletes to strive to fight for the motherland, it is not as good as that of the aircraft operators traveling to the country to fight for the country. We only use our full enthusiasm, sincere love, and positive actions to express our most true blessings. I hope that the great motherland Prosperous and prosperous. However, there are many hidden safety hazards in the environment around us. After taking the traffic lights, it occurs when the red lights and no zebra crossing, etc., occur when they do not comply with traffic rules. For everyone and for our own safety, we have even awakened the public's awareness of safety. As volunteers, we are responsible and obliged, and we are very willing to go to the street. At the main traffic intersection, the obligation to be a traffic coordinator to remind the general public to pay attention to safety.
    . Activity theme
    Volunted traffic coordinating, I participated in my glorious
    . The purpose of the event
    1. Let us work with the traffic coordinator, enter the society, promote traffic safety Note
    2. Dedication for the society and the people to be able to remind citizens to travel the safety first. n 4. Go out of the class, get out of the campus, move towards the society, and enhance the zero distance contact between college students and citizens
    5. Dedication of love and doing things that are beneficial to society can make life more meaningful
    . activities planning Organizer
    The traffic police detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Young Volunteer Association of Donghua Polytechnic Law and Art Academy
    5. Activity objects
    All members of the Corporation of Grammar
    XX month xx day to XX month xx
    7. Activity location
    The crossroads next to the high supermarket
    , activity process
    1. Preparation and publicity work
    (1) Organize the ministerial meeting and the plenary meeting
    ① Discuss the relevant content of the event: time and place, preparation and precautions, etc. n (2) Prepare related items:
    The items such as red rope, whistle n (3) Consultation and cooperation with the Municipal Transportation Bureau in advance
    (4) Reporter groups, radio stations, and news agencies, etc., follow -up reports on the event, increase publicity
    2. Mid -term activities
    (1) Organize staff on duty, every 3 hours of work , 5 classes a day, take turns, start at 7: 3 in the morning, end at 17: 3 in the afternoon
    (2) Each major traffic intersection arranges a minister as the person in charge. The traffic police led the team, responsible for and guided the overall work
    (3) Establishing an emergency team, encountered emergency or emergencies in order to calmly cope with the situation of the occurrence
    (4) During the period, you can to the citizens to the citizens during the period. We publicize the basic precautions of traffic safety, improve the public's safety awareness
    3. Summary of later activities
    (1) Summarize the effect of the activity, get experience and correct the lack of experience r R n (2) The theme of this event will be Inheritance of meaning
    9. Note
    1. Pay attention to wearing youth volunteer badges during the event
    2. Pay attention to safety during the event, do your best to do a good job of traffic guidance
    3. Volunteers should pay attention to their own safety during the event.
    4. After the activity is over, uniformly retract the objects
    Colidate volunteer activities planning plan 4. Activity background:
    It is an extremely important link to popularize the common sense of safety and health care for the whole people. At present, various natural disasters in my country have frequently occurred. In order to fight against various disasters and let the whole people understand the emergency care measures more deeply, we use the construction of new rural areas, the development of new rural areas, the growth of new farmers, and helping the grassroots people to build a new homeland, innovate innovation Life is the main direction of attack, stimulate the enthusiasm of young students' service dedication, and extensively carry out activities such as post -disaster reconstruction services, education assistance, medical services, scientific and technological agriculture, literary performances, legal aid, social survey and other activities. Grassroots provides the service that can be done in order to achieve the correct social observation conclusions, clarify and firm political direction, and truly realize the "education, long talents, and contributions".
    If medical construction, as an important aspect of my country's "new socialist countryside", should be valued and concerned by society and people. As a new young man in the 21st century, we should sweat for youth for the construction of the new countryside!
    The status quo of medical conditions in some rural areas in our province and the lack of related sanitation knowledge, our Nighting Gel volunteer service group actively responded to the call of the superiors and contacted Zhao Guan Town, Qihe County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province as a practical base. And in -depth, carry out medical and health services and related knowledge promotion activities.
    . The purpose of activity:
    In order to further give play to the positive role of social practice in strengthening and improving the ideological and political education of college students, in response to the entrance of the Youth League Committee of the Academy on consolidating the study of scientific development of learning and practical development of college students The theme of the General Branch of the School of Nursing and the Student Branch is based on the theme of "Showing the New Image Love and Sending Health", guiding and motivating the students of the School of Nursing to conscientiously implement the spirit of the "Sanxiangxiang" activities. "Sanxiangxiang" social practice activities.
    In the development of the three rural activities of "showing new images and love for health", enabling students to carefully study and practice the scientific development concept in social practice, deeply understand the basic national conditions, carry out correct social observations, and continuously enhance the comprehensive and positiveness In the great practice of building a new victory in a well -off society in an all -round way, the sense of mission and responsibility of the talent and responsibility of the well -off society, and firmly follow the conceptual beliefs of the socialist road with Chinese characteristics.
    . Activity time:
    The year of XX to 14th to 14th

    . ) Preparation:
    1. Arrange students to apply for the practice location of the "Sanxiangxiang", and combine the specific requirements of the "Sanxiangxiang" in the summer and the actual situation of the contact location.
    2. Communicate with relevant personnel with the place of practice to discuss the specific details of the countryside activities.
    3. Select the "Sanxiangxiang" classmates from the Nantin Geer Volunteer Service Group, hold a mobilization conference, and conduct relevant training.
    4. In the school, the "Sanxiangxiang" activities are made in an all -round way in the form of posters and propaganda boards.
    (2) Practical process:
    1, July 12, carry out free consultation work.
    The conjunction with the provision of free consultations with the Health Center of Zhaoguan Town, Qihe County, Dezhou City, and informing the community residents in a timely manner. Then, carry out free consultation. Mainly providing medical examination services to villagers.
    2. On July 13, the new type of rural cooperative medical system was promoted.
    Plocked publicity posters on the prominent position of the community on the "New Rural Cooperation Medical System". Establish a consultation desk to promote this useful medical system to community residents, and actively answer the doubts of community residents.
    3. On July 14, the common sense of emergency care was promoted and investigated.
    Colonally set up publicity points, publicize the common sense of emergency care, preach disease prevention, introduce good living habits, let community residents understand the medical knowledge of disease prevention and disease, and learn to apply these knowledge and implement them into daily life. Finally, professors are taught Simple emergency care operation. And organize personnel to visit and investigate each four groups in a group.
    (3) Summary feedback:
    This summarizes in time, and sorted into text and related picture materials. Timely feedback on the experience and effectiveness of the activity, think about the problems found in the investigation, and put forward suggestions and opinions on solving problems, and provide a practical and effective help for the village to achieve the purpose of this "three countryside" social practice activities Essence
    6. Summary stage:
    This to sort out the activity process, carefully organize activities and related materials, do a good job of comprehensive publicity and in -depth reporting, and continue to create a good atmosphere of public opinion. In addition, we must pay attention to summarizing lessons in order to accumulate experience for the next better related activities.
    In activities such as the "Achievement Achievement of Reporting Return", a report of social practice results, and "Selection of Excellent Summer Social Practice Survey Report" and other activities to commend the outstanding teams and individuals. At the same time, organize team members to exchange experiences, discuss the gains and losses of activities, and further strengthen the educational effect of practical activities. On the basis of doing a good job of the above work, we must report the overall situation to the Youth League Committee. After the end of the event, personnel who organized the event regularly to communicate with the team to strengthen the team's centripetal force.
    Seven. Media publicity:
    The active contact with news media during the event, further strengthen publicity through newspapers and online news reports, and expand the influence of the activity.
    8. Budget for funding:
    The traffic expenses 50 (yuan/person) × 19 (person) × 2 (round -trip) = 1900 (dollars)
    5 (dollar/person × day) × 19 (person) × 3 (day) = 275 (dollars)
    material fee banner: 40 yuan, promotional color page: 30 yuan, exhibition board 2 yuan: 100 yuan, 160 yuan
    Costs commonly used medicines: 100 yuan
    total 2605 yuan
    9. Personal division of labor:
    R n activity records:
    Ceographic arrangement:
    Publicity reports:
    Material finishing:
    Publicity Lecture:
    Medical services: r:
    Plip distribution:
    Survey feedback:
    This, effect analysis:
    This focus on guiding the majority of young students in social practice to seriously study and practice the scientific concept of development, and understand the grassroots people in a deep understanding of the masses of grassroots people. Life, conduct detailed social observations, and continuously enhance the sense of mission and responsibility in the great practice of winning the new victory of a well -off society in an all -round way.
    First of all, starting from the significance of the activity itself, the social practice of "Sanxiangxiang" is a public welfare volunteer activity. It has a wide range of mass foundations and influence. Secondly, the members of the team are carefully selected from the majority of applicants. The practice team has full combat effectiveness to lay a solid foundation for better services for the people.
    because we have a college student Nantingel Volunteer Service Group, which takes care of migrant workers' children, grassroots medical and health services, cultural propaganda services, etc. as the main service content. Therefore, the results of this event are not only to enrich the safety and health knowledge of the local people, but also enrich their lives and improve their lives. With this activity, they will have a high sense of recognition and closeness to the young volunteers and social practice activities of our college. This will laid a solid and stable foundation for continuing to carry out the "hundred villages and thousands of school service plans" in the future.
    In the development of the activity, truly guides young students to adhere to the theoretical connection and provide the service that can be achieved at the grassroots level, to obtain the correct social observation conclusions, clearly and firm political direction, and realize "education, long -term talents, do to do, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do, and do it. Practical purpose of contribution. Let the students start from now, actively respond to the call of school organizations to carry out the social practice activities of college students, and show the good style of college students. At the same time, the vast number of young volunteers will also further strengthen their social practice experience through the development of activities, improve their own quality in practice, implement the scientific concept of development, and accumulate the power to build the motherland and revitalize China!
    Colidal volunteer activity planning plan 5 1. Activity background
    In 1971, the United Nations volunteer organization was formally established. Its purpose is to mobilize volunteers with dedication and skills to help developing countries realize as soon as possible as soon as possible as soon as possible Its development goals. In 1985, the 40th Universities were determined from 1986, "International Volunteer Day" on December 5 each year. "Lao Wu, and the old man; the young and young, and the young people." This is a famous sentence that has been chanted in China for thousands of years, which has always inspired people to help each other to promote the harmonious progress of society. International Volunteer Day has been established for 28 years. Still a young festival. The Volunteer Practice Department, as a volunteer organization of universities, hopes that through this activity, everyone will come to volunteers for the time. Volunteer dedication to the society will make the world full of love and promote the harmonious progress of society.
    . The purpose of the event
    1. Let students understand the volunteer action, actively participate in volunteer activities, and recognize that each of us can be glorious volunteers;
    2. Promote our school The volunteer service team, let everyone understand the volunteer activities of our school, and understand the volunteers of our school.
    3. Exercise the volunteers of the young volunteers of this group, and increase their experience in service.
    . Activity process
    1. Each activity personnel of the school set off at 1404, from 8: 40 to Bayi Plaza, organize the team and do the final preparations for the event. The event is officially officially officially. start.
    2. Volunteer swore activities
    3. Maintain traffic problems around Bayi Plaza with volunteers from other institutions, conduct sanitary cleanup activities, use practical actions to serve everyone, call on more people Invest in the volunteer team to advocate a new fashion.
    4 and 10 are gathered in Bayi Plaza. The event is over.
    . Propaganda of the post -event post -event
    1. The manuscript was written by a reporter on the report of the newspaper, the school newspaper, the radio station, the courtyard network, and the Civil Engineering Year of the New Year.
    2. The ministers summarize the experience and deficiencies of this activity, leaving records of records.
    . Try to handle video files and make programs on video websites such as and Youku, potatoes and other video websites for announcement.
    . Precautions and remarks
    (1). All volunteers should pay attention to safety on their way to and from, and abide by traffic regulations.
    (2). Before the event, the person in charge must tell all the volunteers of this event. Note, etc., let them understand what they are to do, what they are doing, and what they should do.
    (3). In the event, pay attention to your own words and deeds to maintain a good volunteer image.
    (4). During the event, keep in close contact with each other and not leave without authorization.
    . Emergency plan
    The delay in rainy days

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