5 thoughts on “Han Anran exposed millions of jewelry in the family to be stolen. How did this matter be dealt with?”

  1. Many online celebrities were born in the “Transformeter” program. Among them, the most famous must be Han Anran, and the original “living to old” is unforgettable. She is the only person who still receives a lot of attention, and she often searches for some things.
    The grievances between Han An Ran, Mr. Xiaogu, and Hou’er

    This and Mr. Xiao Zhu have been entangled for so many years and have not been unlocked. In those years they were together, they were intermittent. Even family problems, conflicts of mother -in -law, derailment and reconciliation, marriage and divorce must be moved to the public. Netizens are numb too. Some people even think that the “Transformeter” was still single when it was broadcast. Now Han Anran is married, divorced, has a child, is still a single dog.

    Even if the divorce is divorced, from time to time, Han An Ran and Mr. Pig will also staged mutual news, making people doubt whether this is hype. After all, both of them are celebrities and make money by bringing goods, so it is difficult to doubt these things for hype and attention.

    Since Mr. Little Pig has found a new girlfriend, Han Anran’s artillery fire also pointed to Dou’er. Various people looked down on each other and mocked each other, which caused a lot of controversy. Unexpectedly, Han Anran was safe.

    The this time because of her pregnancy, Han Anran and Mr. Piggy also attacked each other. Han Anran has been obtained by Mr. CUE Pig many times, and said he was worried that Mr. Pig and Daner would take away the father’s father’s love, and even always wanted to send her to Mr. Piggy.
    For this reason, Han Anran also gave her daughter a birthday in advance and plans to give Mr. Pig’s birthday time. However, I did not expect that Mr. Pig would pay for his daughter’s air ticket, which made Han Anran very angry. So I told this story at the live broadcast room, and I was scolded that Mr. Xiaoweo had no lower limit. She is a rich second -generation, and she didn’t even buy her daughter’s ticket.

    and Han Anran once directly scolded Mr. Piggy and Dou’er as his “two dogs”. He said that the other party’s money was her and the traffic was given by her. But I felt that Han Anran was concerned about Mr. Little Pig, and from time to time, she needed Cue, and it seemed quite excited.

    In this time after scolding them, she said that she was not her opponent, and even said that she could easily take Mr. Pig, but now she doesn’t like Mr. Piggy. Han Anran still felt better than her, and even richer than her. This Paul -style bragging also stunned netizens.

    as, even if Han Anran repeatedly emphasized that he didn’t like Mr. Pig Pig, he seemed to care more about himself. Moreover, Han Anran has serious cosmetic surgery. Now the entire face is about to collapse, and it can’t be seen without opening the filter. Every time you refine the picture, like a silicone doll.

    Although there are cosmetic surgery, it looks quite natural. Many netizens don’t feel too big, and they all say that they look better in Han Anran’s live broadcast room. In fact, from the perspective of Mr. Piggy’s new objects. From the perspective of wanting to get married and have children, it is clear that he really doesn’t like Han Anran, and sometimes he is forced to be anxious. I can only scold people.

    Million jewelry was stolen. Han Anran chose to call the police, but did not ask for punishment. Han Anran also revealed the news of 1 million stolen in his home. Stolen more than 1 million jewelry. Well, Han Anran said he knew who the thief was, and this person was the friend of the ex -husband, Mr. Xiaowea.

    This incident made Han Anran very angry, because she knew that Mr. Little Pig must leak his address to the other party, otherwise the other party would not know where he lived. The thief stared at Han Anran’s house for a long time and sneaked into her house from the kitchen door.
    The Han Anran immediately called the police after being stolen, but then she did not ask for punishment. One is because the other party is a friend of Mr. Piggy. She is worried that the other party will get more things from Mr. Piggy and revenge herself. At the same time, because the stolen property has been recovered, she wants to forget. At the same time, she replaced the door of the house with a new anti -theft door and a camera, which scared her.

    The conclusion

    , but this matter is also groundless. Although Han Anran emphasized that he did not make a story for everyone to ask Mr. Pig, after all, there was no evidence. Different from Mr. Pig who directly released Han Anran’s video, many netizens also have a neutral attitude. In fact, as more and more celebrities on the Internet are, many of their speculation routines are gradually exposed. In order to hype their reputation, some netizens will deliberately market the relationship between couples or tear up quarrels, which arouses public attention, and take the opportunity to bring goods to make money. Every time there are big events, they will deliberately do something that attracts attention.

    Is when Han Anran and Mr. Xiaowea sold goods in the wedding live broadcast, they were spit out a lot. Now they are also questioned to intentionally create opposition and attract traffic. What do you think?

  2. This matter should be reported to the police. Million jewelry was stolen. It is particularly serious. It can be reported to the police and may be recovered in the shortest time.

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