1 thought on “How did the silver from Yongxing Silver Tower come from? How much does it cost to build?”

  1. China, which is great in China, has changed from ancient times to the present. In Yongxing County, Hunan Province, in 2002, China was rated as "Chinese silver capital". The silver output in the county accounted for 1/4 of the country; A miracle of industrial development. Because local alchemy and silver -refined technology are very superb, from ancient times to the present, it has been re -refined by recycling gold and silver jewelry.

    . It is also a natural thing to build a "first silver building in China" in China. In 2008, Yongxing County spent 50,000 silver and used dozens of artisans. After more than a hundred days, it has built the largest silver building in China and Yongxing Silver Tower. It is worth mentioning that all 50,000 silver used were recovered from waste residue, waste, and waste fluid from all over the country. It was a process of turning waste into treasure. The design of the silver building is inspired by the Jinge Temple in Kyoto, Japan. It is made of sterling silver regardless of the building or outside the building.

    The silver building is nearly ten meters high, with a total area of ​​140 square meters, divided into two floors. On the first floor is a column -type empty building with a large silver turtle in the middle. The second -floor sculpture is painted with a chair on the second floor. It is made of gold and silver, showing exquisite and luxurious. Except for roof tiles, the main components are all decorated with silver. The entire building is wrapped in silver pieces, and the hollow carved flowers on the doors and windows are decorated with silver pieces. The overall structure is clever and eye -catching.

    The first silver building in the world is located in the "China Silver First Square" courtyard in Yongxing County. Ura, planning is planned according to four districts including smelting and sightseeing area, image display area, tourism shopping area, and Taoist activity area. The entire scenic spot is a traditional Chinese -axis symmetrical garden building, including small attractions such as silver buildings, Xinyi Hall, and ancestral temple. Whenever the weather is clear and the sun shines, Yongxing's silver tower will show a shining luster.

    The ancient museums of the Silver Culture Museum set up ancient museums and modern museums. , Digging in the smelting culture of Yongxing for more than 300 years; the modern museum through the form of sand table display, graphic and text, and concentrated display of Yongxing's 19 -scale smelting enterprises. window.

    . Since Yongxing Silver Tower is called the first silver building in the world, it has naturally caused a lot of controversy and mixed compliment. Some tourists have questioned before that although this silver building is called silver, it does not feel like it feels. Like a layer of paint on the surface of the building. In this regard, the locals explained that because the silver is easy to oxidize and cannot be exposed to the air for a long time, it is applied to a layer of protective paint on the outside. Yongxing Silver Tower has also been shortlisted for one of the top ten ugly buildings in my country; because the silver -white building is located at the water, it always gives people a sense of scarling at night; the huge silver ingot displayed by the scenic area is also tacky.

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