3 thoughts on “How much money is hard for one gram”

  1. 3D hard gold is actually the alloy of gold
    Themided the marked material, the gold content, the template number, the ring has diameter
    countries named precious metals without thousands of gold, 10,000 foot gold, generally use AU999 or 24K to identify the identification
    Igly to ask for invoices to see the invoice name
    The transaction price on October 22, 2014 to about 245.5 yuan, gold jewelry of about 288 yuan, invested 250 yuan in gold, and recycled 235 yuan. Investment is cautious if you have risks. If you need to query the detailed brand prices, you can ask for verification;
    If beware of the similar "Xingbang" case and the golden Jiajia illegal fund -raising advertisement
    despicable advertisements, despise some helping administrators who know the administrators who are abused.

  2. The price of hard gold is the same as ordinary gold. But the workage is high. Because of the problem of craftsmanship, the deviation of the heavy weight is relatively large, so brand stores are usually charged according to components. So the price is very high and does not preserve it.
    The wholesale is the gold price processing fee (about 18-25) per gram. For general brand stores, it sells thousands of thousands and turns 3 times.

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