How to buy a wedding ring?

What is the score of diamond wedding ring? Essence Essence What else is carat diamond. I want to know some common sense in this regard, I hope kind people will give pointers.

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  1. Selection principles have the "4 C" principles: cut (CUT), color, purity, and caraat weight. This is the focus of identifying the quality and value of diamonds.

    Cut -cutting is the only human factor. A skilled diamond cutter can make a good diamond ore dazzling, and he can reflect the internal light to the surface. The cutter wants to cut it as if left and right as if in the mirror. A good diamond ore may be deserted by the lack of technology of the cutter. An ideal diamond should be round and 58 clear cutting edges, which can reflect light to the greatest extent. A high -quality diamond has high value, strong reflexivity and symmetrical, but its cutting is not perfect. Cutting inferior diamonds may not be cut too deep or too shallow because it is to keep its maximum weight, so it cannot make it shine. Polishing technology will also affect the quality of diamonds. A perfect cutting, symmetrical diamonds may reduce value due to poor polishing.

    color -will display some diamonds used for comparison in some large jewelry shops. They list various color -level diamonds in a row to help customers compare, because general customers cannot use it. Different from the color of diamonds with the naked eye. The color of the diamond is based on colorlessness, and gradually follows the yellow.

    Pure degrees -In general, the value of diamonds determined by defects. More accurate, it depends on how much impurities in the drilling ore. Almost every drilling ore contains impurities, even with good quality drilling ore.

    carats -Clarks was once considered a decisive standard for measuring the value of diamonds. When someone said that 2 carat diamonds were bought, people would feel incredible. In fact, the cutting, color and purity and weight of diamonds are equally important for diamond value. A 2 -carat diamond with a poor cutting process, yellowish color, and defective 2 carats is much lower than a perfect cutting, transparent and pure diamond. Therefore, the weight of diamonds is not the main factor that determines the value of diamonds. The weight of diamonds still affect its value. It is important to find out whether the weight of the diamond that the jewelry dealer tells you. Therefore, you can measure the weight of the diamond on the spot when you buy it. If the jewelry dealer is unwilling to do this, then go to other shops.

    is inlaid -inlay is also an important part. If it is not inlaid, it will cause a lot of trouble, and it may cause the diamond to fall off. Therefore, when buying a diamond ring, be sure to check whether the bracket is firm and whether it is thick enough with the diamond.

    If shapes -there are more and more styles in the market now, and jewelry designers are constantly innovating. But the more classic styles are round, oval, pearl -shaped and square. The shape of diamonds does not affect value and quality. Instead, it also reflects the original shape of the diamond before cutting.

    The written explanation -your diamond should have a proof of its authenticity, which shows the quality, weight, and cutting technology of the diamond. This is the guarantee for the diamond ring you buy.

    Eight note

    1. Material

    The hardness is relatively low, it is easy to deform, and it is easy to change the color for a long time;
    Fed the platinum: stronger than other metals, not easy to change color, is the most popular wedding ring material at the moment; Foot platinum color between each other: it can make up for the shortcomings of gold and easy deformation, but not rigid, it is a good choice;

    K gold series: in recent years With diamonds, jewelry, and gem wins, it is welcomed by young people.

    The embedded material
    diamond wedding ring: diamond unique hard characteristics, symbolizing countless tests that have been tested and unwavering, so it has been circulating to this day.

    Pearl wedding ring: round pearl, containing pure and no ever -to -day metaphor. Therefore, wearing a pearl wedding ring at the wedding is meaningful. And with wedding dresses and cheongsam, it is a noble and generous gem wedding ring: in recent years, jewelry has a trend of youth. Inlaid on the wedding ring inlaid ruby, emerald, sapphire and other gems on the wedding ring. Welcome.

    2. Style

    to select the ring, it is necessary to consider the style that both sides are suitable. It is necessary to focus on the premise of flatness, simplicity, and long -term resistance. It can be equipped with daily clothing. Simple and elegant design is the best choice. It is not suitable for designing too much and childishness, or too feminine types.

    3. Workman
    The inlay: At present, the inlaying method of diamonds is about claw inlaid, packet inlaid, semi -bag inlaid, clamping, nail inlaid, etc. Different inlay methods also have the beauty of diamonds. Different display, in order to highlight the value of diamonds, wedding ring usually uses more claw setting. Recently, more and more newcomers have chosen claws without clamps or half -packs. The effect of enlarging diamonds is mostly used for small diamond inlays. It is best to consider your usual wearing habits when examining work or ring style.

    The ringtone size: The size of the K platinum ring (refers to siege) can be modified, because the relationship between or having a child after marriage may become fat or thinner, the original ring becomes too tightly tightened too tight Or too loose, too tightly affects blood circulation uncomfortable, too large is easy to lose. If there is no diamond or pattern on the ring of the ring, it is easier to enlarge and shrink, but some styles cannot be modified significantly, or it cannot be modified at all, because the pattern or circular ring will be broken. Ask the store clearly.

    4. Design

    At present, a single diamond plus a platinum base design is designed with its concise and classic and the meaning of "unique choice", and has always led the leader It is favored by newcomers. Express the meaning of the newcomer's heart, if you engraved the name of the newcomer on the diamond ring, it will form a perfect combination. In addition to the same paragraph, the newcomer can also choose to be suitable for their own personality and hand shape (there are specific introductions below), and the vibrant, fresh and elegant diamond ring pairing is paired as a wedding ring.

    5. Price
    The newcomers should be measured when they formulate budgets. It is considered a little investment for a rare token in life.

    6. Preservation

    diamonds: not all diamonds appreciate annually. The finished diamonds of more than 0.5 carats are rising every year. The diamonds of 0.2 carats to 0.5 carats do not rise or fall, and diamonds below 0.2 carats fall down. The rising price of diamonds is a stable collection. It should choose diamonds with a higher level of 0.5 carats and higher levels. The larger the diamond, the higher the level, the stronger the appreciation potential.

    Thisy gemstones: Due to small output and large demand, the price of high -end red sapphire and emerald in the international jewelry market has risen amazing. High -purity ruby ​​and emerald have the highest increase. The cost of appreciation of high -end colored gems is huge, but the requirements for the goods are high. The weight of the collection requires more than 1 carat, and the clarity is high. And low -grade color gemstones cannot be appreciated, but will depreciate. Emerald: Emerald's reserves are very limited. The world's high -end emerald origin is limited to a small area in northern Myanmar, far rare than diamonds and other jewelry. At present, even the emerald of one or two hundred yuan has the potential to appreciate, and high -end goods are not affected by the fall.

    7. Appraisal

    The gem appraisal book adopted by the jewelry store in China is different, which can be roughly divided into two types of international certificates or general domestic appraisal. The so -called international certificate should be GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI, etc., and other certificates with similar names are actually similar to the certificates issued by domestic identification. The important thing is to explain the contents of the appraisal in detail. In addition, most of the jewelry shops will be attached to the store's guarantee, which means that this ring is sold by our store. Keep it properly with the appraisal. In this way, after -sales service is only a voucher.

    8. After -sales
    Prepromus will provide free rings gemstone falling and renovation, renovation of the ring gold inlaid, free new life, cleaning, restructuring ring inch, etc. When buying a wedding ring, the newcomer must consult the merchant clearly and confirm the voucher for after -sales service.

  2. 1. Budget control: When setting the budget, the amount of measurement should be exited. The upper and lower limit can be ordered to be within the range of the man's salary of one to two months. Not only is it not too difficult to afford it, it is also considered a little investment for a rare token in life.
    2. Selecting manufacturers: When buying a wedding ring, it is best to see more, listen to more, compare more, the ideal situation is to start inquiring and comparison one month before marriage. After all, a wedding ring represents a lifetime of life. The promise promises to each other. When the decades of marriage life appears, this gadget may remind you of the vigorous emotions of the year, so how can you choose a credit company with a credit, choose a commemorative token in detail, and choose a commemorative token. , Make your wedding better.
    3, maintenance method: Although diamonds are the hardest in the material at present, because it is expensive, it should still be carefully maintained. Because diamonds are close to oil, it is best to avoid being worn at home or exercise to avoid oil stains. If it is really stained with oil stains, the simple treatment method is to gently scrub with warm water or soapy water;

    4, in addition to storage, it is best to place it separately to avoid rubbing each other. Although it is just a small ring, choosing with your heart, just like you will run this marriage with your heart, you can always be forever.

  3. Don't doubt it. It is best to buy jewelry to go to jewelry shops with good reputation, good reputation, and long history. Compared with other stores, the styles there are more complete and better workmanship. The most important thing is the authenticity of goods. In addition, the salesperson has undergone formal training to give a satisfactory answer to your questions, and you can also put forward valuable reference opinions according to your actual situation and needs. Their after -sales service is generally relatively in place, such as free restructuring, polishing and cleaning of jewelry. If the quality problems occur after the purchase, it will be repaired, replaced, and even returned. In addition, in some jewelry shops, if there is a new listing, you can also use the original ring to change it. As long as you add some money, you can get a brand new ring.

    So when choosing a diamond ring, and if you want to keep the diamond ring, it is recommended to buy a PT900 diamond ring, (that is, platinum), then the diamond is best more than 30 points, that is, 0.30CT only has value preservation to keep value preservation. value! The above diamond color is not recommended to buy it after I have passed VS, because the diamond is too ordinary!

    The information below, I hope to help you!

    The "4C"

    The Western proverb said, "Diamonds are the best friends of girls", China also has "diamonds long and long, a forever spread" statement. Although many people also choose other jewelry as engagement rings, such as rubies, emeralds, or pearls, diamond rings are currently the most fashionable choices. When choosing diamonds, pay attention to the "Four C": Cut — cutting, Clarity — clarity, color — color and cara -carat.

    cut — cut: The cutting of the diamond is extremely important, which directly affects the value of diamonds. Only the standard cutting method can show its bright light and achieve the perfect combination of clarity and color. The cut diamonds are generally spheres or cone. There are many shapes in the cut surface, square, rectangular, hexagonal, circular and oval, etc., but the most popular is the simple hexagonal shape, and many of its cut surfaces can better show the light of diamonds.

    Larity — Clearness: Diamond crystals in the mantle magma deep in the deep earth. After hundreds of millions of geological changes, it has various natural marks. The color, size, and position distribution of these imprints have different degrees of effect on the value of diamonds. Diamond surfaces or inside often have flaws, such as bubbles, cracks, and feathers. The less defects, the higher the level of diamonds. In general, the clarity of diamonds is divided into five levels and ten small levels in turn.

    color —— color: the color of the diamond, from the precious colorless, rare light blue, pink to common yellowing. The more transparent the diamond is, the more white the white light can penetrate, and it is even more colorful after refraction and color. The whitening diamonds are D -grade, and the others are E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, and N and N.

    cact — carat: The weight of the diamond is carved. 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams. One carat is divided into one hundred points, such as 0.75 cents carat also known as 75 points. Diamonds with the same weight will be far from the difference in color, clarity, and cutting.

    For example, if a large 2 carat diamond is cut, the shape is not sophisticated, the shape is out of time, the bubbles are large, and the low purity will not be the ideal choice. And a diamond with only 1/2 caramel, if it is colorless, high in clarity, and the most popular cut, it will be more like and the price is expensive.

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