1 thought on “Liu Guifu Diamond Ring New Requirements”

  1. The original shopping order and invoices need to be purchased when they are purchased, and the products are available to the purchasing store, and then the product is determined to not affect the secondary sales, and then evaluates and replaced it, but it should be replaced according to the market price at the time.
    The large jewelry brands have a target of money -to -money business, but all jewelry brands are different from the policy of exchange. The Liufu brand's old -fashioned new policy is quite prominent among all jewelry brands. It undertakes the money replacement business of jade jewelry, diamond ring, gold and other jewelry. For example, gold jewelry, the brand's gold jewelry is calculated at a processing fee of 40 yuan per gram. Do not charge any other expenses in exchange for new gold jewelry with the same weight.
    Ifu jewelry is one of the top jewelry brands in my country. It has huge scale and superb craft technology, which has always been loved and trusted by consumers. Based on the old replacement, it is not only a complete business function, but also a choice to maximize the interests of consumers. It is also a contribution to saving and recycling global resources.

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