What gift is a friend to give for the Islamic Livestock Festival?

I am a Han, I don't know much. I just want to bless friends, thank you first ~

2 thoughts on “What gift is a friend to give for the Islamic Livestock Festival?”

  1. I am also a Han, I am also a Muslim ~ Gulbang Festival is a very important festival for Muslims, which is equivalent to the Spring Festival of the Han people, so the Gulbon Festival is important for Muslims. In fact, you do nā€™t have to send anything to this festival. As long as you bless you, you can remember the Hananian festival and greet the Hui friends. It is already very good! If you have to give gifts, I suggest that you send it with Islamic characteristics, or give a halal food package! At least I will receive these words, I will be very happy!
    PS: Recommend a website for you, you can go there:/Shop/I don't know if you can open it;
    This teach you a greeting: "Erde Emuha Mubara!" ( Happy Gulbang Festival!) It is estimated that he doesn't know what it means! Haha ~~

  2. Muslims in various places have to prepare animal spirit (sheep, cattle, and camels) three days before the holiday. Sheep is 1 person, 1 cow is 1 head, and camel is equivalent to cows. No matter which kind of animal spirit, it must be healthy and beautiful. It's a friend to give a small thing, just talk about your mind

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