2 thoughts on “What is the township silver jewelry market”

  1. With the development of the silver jewelry industry, many foreign high -end silver jewelry brands have entered China to seize the domestic market, such as Tiffnay, Oxette, etc., and Chinese silver jewelry consumption also transitions from low -end consumption to mid -to -high -end, high -taste silver jewelry, consumption consumption, consumption consumption, consumption The vision and taste of the person are more fashionable. The demand for high -quality life with high -income consumer groups has greatly stimulated the development of high -end silver jewelry, and the consumption silver jewelry is getting closer to international fashion trends. Some low -end silver jewelry market spaces that imitate gold ornaments have no characteristics of silver jewelry, attempt to consume consumption with price advantage, and gradually have no living space. A number of outstanding domestic mid -to -high -end silver jewelry brands, such as the top ten silver jewelry brands selected by the industry media, are among many domestic silver jewelry brands.
    The high -end silver jewelry is no longer a symbol of cheap products. Many high -end silver jewelry prices exceed the price of yellow and white gold jewelry. Taking the founding brand PH7 silver jewelry in the well -known domestic handicraft silver jewelry as an example, the mainstream price of PH7 silver jewelry is 200 yuan to 1,000 yuan, supplemented by more than 1,000 yuan. The average turnover has reached more than 100,000 yuan. It is favored by many silver jewelry enthusiasts and has been rated as one of the top ten silver jewelry brands by industry media.
    The silver jewelry industry has a lot of profit margins. The monthly profit of a high -end silver jewelry store is more than tens of thousands of yuan, but the investment is only about 100,000 yuan. The brand’s way to open high -end brand silver jewelry monopoly and counters, which has also promoted the development of the silver jewelry industry.
    The townships should be operated by the banks and towns to determine according to the actual economic situation. The consumption concept is closely related to the economy, and the economic development of various regions in China is not balanced. Therefore, the proportion of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, and silver jewelry in various regions is not the same, and the development of the jewelry industry is inseparable from economic development. Nowadays, the segmentation of jewelry has given Chinese people more choices. Gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, and silver jewelry are also leading. The entire industry shows a prosperous scene.

  2. The cost of silver jewelry is low and the price is cheap. It has become a popular fashion accessories. Both consumption speed and consumption frequency are fast, and they are close to fast consumer goods. As for townships, it is definitely not as good as the county, but there are still relatively large profits!

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