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  1. 1. Don't touch it frequently

    News can be protected cleanly. It seems simple and not easy. Many people see the jewelry beautiful and charming. The gloss and brightness.

    The person's body from time to time excrete sweat and oil on the surface of the skin. Hands are the easiest to touch the body part. Therefore, the oil on the skin is often contaminated on the surface of the hand. The oil on the top is easy to stay on the gemstone, which affects the gloss and brightness of the gem. Especially diamonds are liquid gemstones, which are prone to oily quality on the surface, which greatly affects gloss. But the jadeite white jade belongs to the collection structure, and often touch it can make the jade more moist and cute.

    2. Tap water damage the pearl luster

    It people want to clean and maintain after wearing pearls several times. If it is used to soak pearls, it must not be. Because there is a fixed content of chlorine (C1) in tap water, it will damage the gloss of the surface of the pearl. In fact, the pearl should be the most ideal with mineral water.

    It after wearing a pearl, wash it to the bank's storage box before washing and maintenance, so as not to change the pearls for too long in the future. However, the bank's storage box that keeps cash and documents. Due to the relatively low relative humidity, its storage conditions are not suitable for gems such as pearls such as pearls, such as pearls, protein, etc. Maintain and supplement humidity.

    3. Take off in time, that is, maintenance

    The correct wearing jewelry depends on people, things, time, land, and things. There may be no way for busy modern people. But at least when washing your hands, it is best to remove it, because some soap contains alkaline substances to varying degrees, which may cause a kind of harm to the more vulnerable gemstones, and the soap in the soap is also easy to get stuck in the ring on the ring. In the fine seams, it greatly affects the gloss and brightness of the gem. Moreover, bathing, doing housework, swimming, etc., can easily hurt the gemstone.

    . Be careful to use the ultrasonic cleaner

    Themopolywa cleaning machine for K golden gemstone jewelery and K gold cleaning function. , Especially in the gemstone sewing, the oil stains that the brush cannot be brushed was cleaned. However, ultrasonic cleaning machines are not suitable for all gems, such as emerald, pearls, etc. Special structures such as ultrasound cleaning will destroy its structure when cleaning, so it should be absolutely avoided. In addition, although the ultrasonic cleaner is good, it should not be used often because it is easy to use. If it is used too frequently, it is easy to make the small drill unable to pass through multiple shocks and loosen or even fall.

    5. Pay attention to the sour and alkaline substances

    We certain substances we are in contact with in our daily life or food contains different concentration acids or alkali The concentration of acid -base chemicals may damage gems, especially pearls; or other organic gems. The use of cosmetics in daily life should be avoided as much as possible.

    Muctive when dressing on weekdays, you should first make up and spray perfume before wearing jewelry to avoid higher concentrations of cosmetics or perfumes directly contact the jewelry surface. If you need to supplement perfume, you should also avoid spray perfume directly. To the surface of jewelry.

    6. Pay attention to the order of jewelery

    Is when wearing claws inlaid jewelry or ring, you should avoid hooking clothes and leather bags. The stone falls off. Generally speaking, the order of jewelry should be worn after wearing clothes before wearing jewelry.试想手上戴着爪镶单钻戒指,再着装、穿着丝袜,对服装、丝袜与宝石而言,是不是件危险的事?rn rn 珠宝的镶法有很多种,最The inlay of insurance without hooking the clothes is the packet, but the packet inlaid wraps the entire waist circumference, making the light from entering. Moreover, because the K gold part is used more, the visual effect is not as charming as the claws are fascinated by the claws. Therefore, the most popular in the jewelry market is still the main claw inlaid, but it should be paid attention to the order of wearing.

    7. The wonderful use of a small jewelery bag

    You may have heard that some people remove the jewelry on the sink due to washing their hands, accidentally drop the ground to hurt, or Sliding into the drainage tank; or forgotten to have a washstand and other incidents. In fact, this is not a new thing, but such a crisis can be avoided.

    Is when you buy jewelry, the jewelry shop will send you a small jewelry box to put the jewelry inside, making the jewelry look beautiful and beautiful. After many people take out jewelry, the jewelry box is placed in the drawer at home without using it. This is a pity. In fact, this small jewelry box has its own wonderful use. It is small and does not occupy the place. It can be carried with you. When you wash your hands, you can take the ring and put it in the jewelry box. Reduce the chance of loss of jewelry ring. So don't think of trouble, take a small ring box with you!

    8. Carefully check the jewelry

    busy modern consumers often busy jewelry after returning home Take it down, put it in the jewelry box, and then take it out when you think about it. Jewelry is used in this way. Maybe you rarely look at it. It takes a little more time to take care of your jewelry can greatly reduce the crisis. For example, is the jewelry small diamond stable without loosening? Is the pearl necklace tied firmly? Is the elasticity of the card lock in the pinch of the pinching earrings? Or the screw is poor? …and many more.

    Puke to maintain well, the ring is not just as simple as the ring, it also includes the promise of the old age

  2. Diamonds are afraid of oil, and more contact with oily substances will affect the transparency of diamonds. At the same time, avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances. When washing your hands, remove it, and go to the jewelry shop to clean and maintain it regularly.

  3. The most important thing is that you should not take a heavy work. The ring is usually washed in the place you bought. It is clean with professional ultrasound. If it is not convenient, you can just wash it at home warm water and neutral detergent. My ring is bought at the wedding diamond home of the Haime Alliance. Because it is relatively far, the consultant calls me to wash my own at home.

  4. The most taboo for diamond ring maintenance is to get oily, because diamonds are close to oil, and it is not easy to wash when it is dipped. It is also to avoid being placed with other jewelry to prevent scraping. If you want to buy a diamond ring, it is recommended that you go to the sea alliance wedding diamonds when you buy it for the first time, or you can find their mall store on Taobao to search for the sea alliance wedding diamonds. His diamond rings can not only be maintained for free for life, but also change money. You can look at these daily maintenance diamond rings.

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