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  1. Gem is expensive.

    1, English (GEM) has a broad sense and narrow sense. Gem in a broad sense refers to all beautiful and precious stones, and Chinese scholars use the term "precious stone" to replace. [1] The narrow gemstone refers to stones that can be used to make valuable jewelry.
    2. It is generally believed that it should have three characteristics: magnificent, rare and durable. The gem materials used in the jewelry market today can be divided into six types of artificial intervention: real natural gems, natural gems, synthetic gems, artificial gems, simulated gems and gems. As a gem, the minerals are generally bright and soft, luster and pattern, uniform structure, strong discount rate, large hardness, and stable chemical composition.
    3, diamond refers to diamonds that have been considered, diamonds are a natural mineral and rough of diamonds.
    4. Simply put, diamonds are a monocystal crystal composed of carbon elements under high pressure and high temperature conditions. Although human civilization has a history of thousands of years, it has only been hundreds of years in discovery and initial understanding of diamonds, and the time that truly reveals the mystery of diamonds is shorter. Prior to this, it was only a myth that has a myth that has the legend of worship and fear of religious colors, and at the same time regard it as a symbol of bravery, power, status and nobleness.
    5. Today, diamonds are no longer mysterious, nor is it a treasure that royal nobles can enjoy. It has become a popular gem that people can have and wear. The culture of diamonds has a long history. Today, people think more as a symbol of love and loyalty. The quality of diamonds can be identified from the following four aspects: color, clarity, cutting and weight.

  2. On the whole, the price of diamonds is higher than sapphire. This is undoubted, but why does sapphire rise sharply? Diamonds are colorless in color, but with the increase in people's aesthetics and pursuit of diversity, colorless diamonds are already difficult to meet the needs of consumers. Although diamonds are also colorful, the price of color diamonds is more prices than white diamonds. There are a lot of people with a lot of capacity. The sapphire is the opposite.
    A sapphire refers to the rigid jade gem with all colors other than ruby, so the sapphire is very rich in color and can better meet people's pursuit of diversity. Moreover degree. Another very important thing is that the investment collection function of jewelry is constantly being recognized. From the perspective of investment collection, colorless diamonds are very top -level and rare. A lot high. The sapphire is rapidly developing, and the price of each year will make people lament its rapid appreciation speed. Sapphire has become a very important variety in the hearts of jewelry investment collectors.
    It from the perspective of the market price, the current diamond is higher than sapphire, but it is not all. The price of the top sapphire can be comparable to the diamond. In the rise period, will it be unknown if you will catch up with diamonds in the future? From the perspective of investment collection, sapphire is more advantageous.

  3. Amber is pine fossils. Naturally, the amber contains small animals is extremely rare, so it is precious.
    , but now there are very few natural amber, some of the pure amber value of small animals are generally valuable, and there is no diamond expensive. It is much different from the general grade. Not to mention artificial amber. And it is difficult to distinguish artificially and natural people from the naked eye.

    The diamonds are also divided into various grades based on the color, clarity and cutting work. The purity is VS, VVS, and C -level. The higher the purity, the less impurities, the more fine the cut, the more the edges, and the higher the value.

    In general, diamonds are divided into advantages and disadvantages, and amber is natural and artificial. From the perspective of ordinary people, the cost -effectiveness of diamonds is slightly higher, but the amber is very beautiful. Zhou Dafu bought a pair of gold pendant amber earrings. It was natural or artificial. Gold was always real, huh, more beautiful. Essence Essence

  4. Diamonds are a kind of gemstone. Diamonds are also the most expensive gems. Whether it is Mo's hardness, refractive index, fire color (scattered) diamonds are the strongest of natural gems. Although pigeon blood ruby, chrysanthemums of chrysanthemums, have no time to be emerald, the best cat -eye stones, the best stones, Pala Yiba tourmaline is also very expensive, but the same size, the same diamond is more expensive than them.

  5. There is no comparison,
    has different grades.
    has different criteria for judging.
    The better gem,
    , for example, 1ct of pigeon blood rubbing is much more expensive than a small diamond about 30 points.

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