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  1. Why is we wearing a necklace? I am always lucky
    It wearing necklaces why luck is always bad. Now many people start using various jewelry to match their own dressing style, which can also reflect a detail of wearing detail So why do we wear necklace is always bad? Let's take a look with this doubt.
    Why are you lucky to wear necklace? I do nā€™t know if I am always good. I have been wearing silver in my injury. This is a personal person. You feel that your luck is not good because of Dai Yin, it is too outrageous. We must believe in science. Why is the golden luck in the area poor? And gold is equivalent to money. This is if the five elements belong to the golden people and then wear some gold jewelry, which belongs to the fire on the fire. The wealth itself will be greatly affected, and the funds will be lost lightly, and the family will be lost. Therefore, the five elements are better not to wear gold ornaments, so as not to affect their wealth. If you greedy too much greed, you will only have nothing.

    The patients with vision disorders
    The patients with vision disorders are not suitable for wearing gold ornaments. Most people with vision disorder have certain damage to the liver. If you wear some gold ornaments, it will definitely cause further damage to the liver and greater damage to the body. Not only affects the internal organs, but also the vision may continue to occur. Therefore, for patients with vision disorders, they cannot wear gold ornaments easily, otherwise it will cause an inestimable consequences.
    The five elements belong to the wooden man
    The five elements belong to the wooden man itself, but the golden Kimu, if the five elements belong to the wooden man wearing gold, will cause a healthy disorder, which will affect the five elements of the wooden man's body. The situation is very unlucky. The longer the wearing time, the big and small diseases will continue to come to the door. Life is difficult to continue, and luck is greatly reduced. Therefore, the five elements are not suitable for wearing gold, and it is easy to recruit diseases. You need to pay attention.
    The person who is allergic to metal
    Mat metal allergies are the most suitable for wearing gold. The allergic response should not be underestimated, the skin problems occur lightly, and the severe death and death. If you are allergic to metal and you need to wear gold, it can only be actively causing trouble. Not only does it greatly affects your physical health, but gold cannot exert its due fortune effect, which is harmful and good for the wearer. Therefore, people with metal allergies must not wear gold with luck, and think safely for their own lives.
    This of gold
    It is best worn on the left hand
    many women, gold bracelet and gold bracelets are regardless of left and right hands, usually with mood. In fact, wearing it on jewelry is very particular. First of all, according to our traditional statement, go left and right, so the gold bracelet is suitable for wearing on the left.
    Note that the styling is too sharp
    In fact, many gold jewelry is actually paying more attention, it is not easy to make the angle too sharp. Because in general, such gold jewelry not only threatens its own security. And the too sharp shape will actually have a lot of evil effects on yourself, so it is best to pay attention to not to use too sharp gold jewelry.
    Why are you lucky to wear necklaces? 2 are always bad luck, so wearing jewelry can be transferred
    1. The bracelet is not left, not close to others
    For girls, if you have already When wearing a jade bracelet, don't take it off easily, because the jade is the most spiritual. In fact, it is not just a girl. If the boy also wears a jade bracelet for himself, from the moment you enter your wrist, you need to be cautious. First of all, first of all, first of all, first of all Do not leave your wrist. The second is to avoid the contact with the opposite sex. If it is possible, it is best to avoid any other people to contact the bracelet so that you can accumulate your own fortune and bring good luck to yourself.

    2. Do not change your fingers
    It people have a bad habit wearing rings, that is, after feeling wearing it for a while, I feel tired and crooked, then remove the ring from the hand, or it or it, or Put it on other fingers. Such habits are not conducive to the care of individuals, and it is likely to inspire some doom. Therefore, the best way to deal with is to make your own mind first, and let it go if you put it in which fingers. Do not change your fingers.
    3. Jade Pei
    For people with jade necklaces, how to deal with the relationship between the jade necklace and the individual is a big problem. In fact, whether in a bath, sleeping or talking about business, and seeing parents, the jade necklace needs to be stored closely. It is not advisable to take it out. Let yourself transfer.
    Why are you lucky to wear necklaces? What are the feng shui of the necklace?
    1. Can't change the necklace with others
    This is a very bad thing. Even if others think that your necklace is good, you want to try it, you have to learn to refuse. If you feel that others are good -looking and the other party is willing to exchange, then you have to hold the ring before wearing the other's necklaces, and then you can change it to wear, otherwise it will affect the life of the two and bring unnecessary trouble to each other.

    2. Do not wear too delicate necklaces
    No matter what kind of consideration you are, too gorgeous necklaces give people a bit dazzling. Unless it is a show on stage, it needs gorgeous makeup and jewelry. It can be highlighted under the light. In daily life, when choosing a necklace, it can be low -key, low -key and luxurious necklace. Not the feeling of local tyrants.
    3. Pure gold necklace is not suitable for unmarried girls
    Generally with the coarse gold chain, they are older aunts, highlighting the noble spirit, or male tyrants like to hang and rough chains on the neck , But such a necklace is very unsuitable for young girls. People who know how to match them know that necklaces are all dotted things. It is not too large and too dazzling. The purpose is to highlight the personality of the person. Charm, if the necklace is too prominent, the eyes of the people around you will gather on the necklace instead of you. In addition, the pure gold necklace is very loud. For unmarried young women, it will hinder the road of love, which leads to the lack of femininity on you.

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