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  1. 1. The so -called urban agglomeration is a city with a considerable number of different properties, types, and levels of cities in a specific area. R n The internal connection is continuously strengthened to form a relatively complete city "collection".

    2, urban agglomeration (urban belt, urban circle, urban group, or urban circle) refers to the central city as the core to form a collection of cities around the surrounding radiation. The characteristics of urban agglomerations are reflected in the industrial division of labor and cooperation between the economy and the cooperation between the industry, and the transportation
    has interacted with the social life, urban planning and infrastructure construction. It can constitute an economic circle by multiple urban agglomerations or a single large urban agglomeration.

    3, Chinese "urban agglomeration" (urban circle) is a regional economic term commonly used in mainland China since the 1990s. In May 1994, "Structure Theory" (Shanghai, Beijing Library, 1991- 19 The Popular Urban Group in the United States in 1993) Zengbangzhe's Paper) used the "urban agglomeration" to analyze the Asian cultural circle network formed by the Dahe River Basin and the coastal intersection area. The east and west coastline, Wuhu District and the Mississippi River Basin, as well as geopolitical sciences such as urban agglomerations and well -known university networks.

    4. I used to directly borrow the Japanese "urban circle" (urban group) to represent the same concept before. The Chinese translation of "Metropolis" or "metropolitan area" is conceptual as the same or similar as the "urban circle" and "urban circle".

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  3. There are many large cities (including at least an international metropolis) concentrated in one area.
    The city agglomeration is more concentrated in the city belt.

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