1 thought on “2021 ship graduate status quo”

  1. As of December 24, 2013, the average salary of 43616 graduates of ships and marine engineering was 4,523 yuan, of which 1,000 yuan for more than 10 years, 3,746 yuan in 0-2 years, 3,897 yuan for fresh graduates, 3- 3- 5-year salary is 4,547 yuan, 6-7 years of salary is 7410 yuan, and 8-10 years of salary is 8,240 yuan.
    The students of ships and marine engineering students can sign a contract and marine engineering design and research unit, maritime affairs bureau, domestic and foreign ship -level agencies, shipping companies, shipyards, marine oil units, colleges and universities, ship transportation management, ships, ships Trade and operation, customs, maritime insurance and maritime arbitration departments, engaged in design, research, manufacturing, inspection, use, and management of ships and marine structures, and can also work in similar industries and information industry units.
    , although my country has fruitful results in the field of ships and marine industry, it still lags behind European and American countries and cannot meet the needs of the national marine strategy. Therefore, the country has introduced a series of policies to support and drive the comprehensive development of the ship industry. According to the survey, the employment rate and employment quality of ships and marine engineering are very high, and there is also a situation of supply and insignificance. As for the future, with the development of China's economy and the advancement of marine strategy, the employment prospects of ships and marine engineering will be promoted. will be better.

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