wholesale jewelry queens ny Near the Spring Festival, what is appropriate to send gifts to employees?

wholesale jewelry queens ny

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  1. wholesale bulk mixed pre-owned unsorted jewelry First, food gift box
    This should be the pragmatic and universal choice of many companies. If it is in Nanjing, the company may send the famous Nanjing salted duck or other duck products as a welfare gift for the Spring Festival company. Employees do not eat themselves, and it is also very good to bring their relatives at home. There are no specialties that have been on the table, you can also choose some nut gift boxes. The nutritional value of nuts is high. It is also very good at taking a child home!
    . Shopping card
    The shopping card is a very common welfare gift of the Spring Festival company. Not only does it not take up space, it is easy to carry, but the employees can shop according to their own hearts. However, the amount of shopping cards of the enterprise is not large, and how much gifts cannot be purchased at the designated consumption location. Therefore, after many employees receive, they may talk about the company's behavior.
    So except for the above two, what other gifts are worth purchasing? Who should I find?
    The exquisite home textile gifts can not only reflect the intention and thoughtfulness of the boss when choosing the welfare gift of the Spring Festival company, but also meet the daily needs of employees. Like general private companies, pragmatic enterprises, they pay more attention to the cost -effectiveness and practicality of gifts. Gifts such as home textiles will be their general choices.
    In short, the welfare gifts of the Spring Festival company are not only a form, but its characteristics give it the role of the company to concentrate and inspire morale. A good welfare gift should not be able to send it in handy. When it comes to its purpose, brand, and representative significance, the employees themselves are satisfied with the New Year gifts of the gift companies.

  2. clark st wholesale jewelry The annual pass is approaching, and the Battle time of each company's competition for the end of the year and the hatred of mutual hatred. To formulate a welfare plan and select holiday gifts, it is necessary to satisfy employees, but also save money for the boss. HR spends a lot of thoughts and time, but the result is often not saved by the money.

    IA Handwite shows in the latest employer survey: corporate employees who have been rated as the best employer have an average of 25%higher than other employers. Therefore, many welfare projects are not meaningless, nor are they simply guaranteeing factor. In fact, it plays a great improvement of employees' satisfaction.

    Ifovable is a one -stop solution for corporate welfare of majestic technology. It presents more consumption and life scenarios by integrating high -quality suppliers and services: on the one hand Second, set up an elastic welfare mall with independent control for enterprises, and truly realize the "seamless docking" of the 360 ​​-degree offline offline to help the construction of enterprises welfare.
    Coustan exclusive malls to meet individual management needs
    Relyingly on different welfare scenarios of the enterprise, you can pass online malls and offline businesses. At the same time, it supports the original supply chain and mainstream e -commerce directly settled in.

    The terminal configuration: complete function, configure PC movement on demand, multi -end support;
    simple operation: custom strategy formulation, system automatic execution;
    data analysis: visual data analysis , Let the planning beyond rely on;
    File control: operating category, suppliers enter, and enterprises have the highest permissions.
    Ip Fortune -Ya Shi supports independent deployment and SaaS deployment software products, providing enterprises with one -stop services such as employee management, commodity management, unified invoicing, etc., so that platform managers can respond to flexibly according to policies and adjust to meet employees at any time to meet employees at any time to meet employees. need.
    The online offline coverage, employee benefits choose
    The personnel commissioner to distribute welfare points for different positions to different position employees, and distribute different amounts of welfare points to different positions, and employees will log in to the Fortune Purchase Mall to choose to redeem gifts. It can not only achieve the high degree of control of the total cost, but also enhance the happiness of employees, and increase the ratio of welfare input output ratio.

    It online products cover many aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation, and categories include mainstream e -commerce, food entertainment, transportation travel, life services, etc.

    10000 SKU products, one from one piece, free shipping nationwide delivery home, taking a telecommunications customer as an example, operating for more than 2 months to achieve 1.87 million transaction volume 0 complaints.

    The offline service almost runs through the daily consumption scenarios of employees. The cafeteria dine, net vegetable reservation, park supermarket shopping ... While maximizing the value of welfare, it is possible to create more possibilities for enterprises.
    Optimized the welfare structure. The cost of corporate cost saving 39%
    The scientific management of corporate welfare can be used as one of the effective ways of corporate tax saving to help enterprises reduce costs and improve.

    In high -frequency subsidy scenarios and other high -frequency subsidy scenarios such as the company's overtime supplementary meal, business food supplement, car subsidy, incentive reward and other high -frequency subsidies, Fortune Shopping is distributed to employees in the form of virtual points, and employees receive equal virtual points received equivalent points. You can consume directly on the platform, including welfare malls, taxis, hotels, movie tickets, electronic card coupons and other scenarios. Enterprises can flexibly set up subsidy types, amounts, and issue simple and flexible. Through consumption first, then unified invoices, so that employees do not need to find tickets for subsidies, completely say goodbye to reimbursement, and solve the problem of difficulty subsidies and low satisfaction.
    If for enterprises to maintain a long -term competitive advantage in the market and enhance the cohesion and vitality of the enterprise, on the one hand, business model innovation, technology research and development, and human capital investment are necessary. On the other hand, employees' benefits and salary cannot be easily reduced, let alone "cost reduction". A mature enterprise, a sustainable development, must be looking for a balance between the two. In the process, choosing the appropriate solution and management tools has a very important guiding significance for enterprises to reduce costs and improvement.

  3. wholesale jewelry reviews The gifts given to employees for employees are best to choose some more practical things. After all, employees have worked hard for a year. They also like some real things. They also like it. There are many practical gifts and high cost performance.
    1, cash: Simple and rude, all happy. The disadvantage is that enterprises need to pay taxes, which will increase the fame and fortune of employees, be greedy and harm corporate culture. Rather than, the effect and significance of corporate employees can be distributed "respect".
    2, consumer card coupons: The advantages and disadvantages of shopping vouchers are similar to cash. In comparison, it is recommended to issue movie tickets, shoe purchase coupons, cake coupons, travel packages, etc. Because of its useful use, it looks more attentive and looks more attentive. The incentive effect is relatively better.
    3, product welfare: Enterprises have their own products, you can try according to your own situation, such as: tide cards can distribute car wash cards for employees, 4S points, publishing houses, and so on. But not necessarily adapt to all companies, such as real estate companies.
    4, digital consumables: For example: computers, mobile phones, tablets, U disks, smart bracelets, headphones, audio, charging treasures, etc. These gifts are generally tempting and high value, and companies can print corporate logo on gifts. The company needs to be distributed according to internal budgets and employee needs.

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