This facial massage can reduce wrinkles on the face

We all understand that massage can relax the mood, relieve fatigue, and massage through the face, is also a more common way to beautify the skin, can improve the skin texture, so as to reduce the growth of wrinkles, especially facial massage method, whether it is work or study, can be appropriate to operate, In particular, the general steps of massage are relatively simple, which is a magic weapon for women's health. So what's a scientific facial massage to do?

First, the basic requirements of facial massage

1. Lasting. Each technique is used continuously for a certain amount of time to achieve the effect. Acupoint massage, should be "press and leave", follow the light - heavy-light principle.This is jade roller wholesale factory.

2. Power. With a certain strength, should reach the dermis, even to the subcutaneous muscle layer. According to different parts, different constitutions.

3. Even. Pay attention to the rhythm of the manipulation and the smoothness of the force, the action can not be quick or moderate, and the force can not be heavy or light.

4. Soft. The shift of the technique, the connection should be smooth and continuous, so that "light but not floating, heavy but not stagnant".

5. Get Qi. In acupoint massage, there should be acid, swelling, hemp and other feelings, indicating that the qi has been passed, "gas to and effective".

Two, facial massage techniques

Facial massage, the use of the middle finger and ring finger two fingers of the finger massage, in the massage to relax, the use of the whole palm or thenar, minnoir.

1. Massage method. Use your fingers or palms to glide slowly and rhythmically over the facial skin, frequently at the beginning and end of the massage.

2. Rub circle method. The middle finger and ring finger of both hands are together and run in a circle on the face, mostly on the cheek and forehead, with a certain strength.

3. Kneading method. The thumb and additional fingers cooperate with the strength of the finger abdomen to do finger pinching, nudging, rolling friction and other actions on the relaxed muscles, mostly used in the chin and cheek.

4. The method of lifting ammunition. Work with the thumb and additional fingers to quickly pinch and lift the muscles. The fingertips of the four fingers should flick the skin on the face or from the side up. The strength should be moderate, suitable for the eyes.

Warm Tips

To use a facial massage, the order of the massage must be at the right angle to the wrinkles on the face. But when massaging the wrinkles of the corners of the mouth and the corners of the eyes, you need to use a ring technique. After the massage, you need to use a warm towel to wipe off the massage cream. Once the skin on the face is infected and acne phenomenon, you should not do facial massage.

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