4 thoughts on “What gift is good to the elderly to the elderly?”

  1. Go to the elderly to bring the following gifts to the elderly:
    1, pastries, oats, fruits (selected more soft ones), etc. Because the old people's teeth are not good, try to choose some foods that are easy to digest and chew.
    2. Some gifts that are beneficial to the brain power such as radio, chess, etc. are also good.
    3, cotton coats, quilts, etc., the elderly may also need.
    4. Massage and the like, massage the neck or cervical spine; or the soles; or the back of the back, etc.

  2. See what the elderly need. Ha ha! Flowers and fruits are essential. If you want to make the old man happy, comb the hair for them, and humming their childhood songs. It is good to pay attention. Remember, you must go to see the special elderly people. Who is a special old man, you have to inquire first. Special elderly people are also glorious deeds or special difficulties, which are very representative.

  3. Under normal circumstances, you can buy some bananas and apples for the elderly. It should be a good score, and then you can perform some programs for the elderly to help clean up. Since you go to visit the old man, you must show your true feelings.

  4. Look at your economic strength? I think if you do volunteers, don't ask for things that are too good, just apply it. For example, buy some chess, five sons, checkers, so that it is convenient for the life of the elderly. At the same time, you can also buy a small hammer that massage and itching. These are cheap, but very practical, older, more rheumatic, and muscles often sore. In short, it is good to apply, consideration is the best concern!

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