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  1. In order to ensure the orderly and effective development of the activity, a complete activity plan is usually required. The activity plan is to deploy specific, thorough, and well -operated plans from the purpose, requirements, methods, methods, and progress of the activity. Essence How should the event plan be formulated? The following is the community that I compiled for everyone in the 2021 volunteer service activities (selected 6 articles). It is for reference only. I hope to help everyone.
    Is community volunteer service activities 1 In order to build a harmonious community, promote the spirit of dedication, friendship, and mutual assistance, advocate the concept of human -oriented, give full play to the role of community volunteers to respect the elderly, respect the elderly, and help the weakness, so that volunteers can let the volunteers’s volunteers The service is effectively carried out, combined with the actual situation of the community, the following schemes are specially formulated:
    . Guiding ideas
    The purpose of serving the masses and building a beautiful home, advocating the concept of community volunteer service, vigorously carried out community volunteers Activities, develop and expand the team of community volunteers, improve the work system and operating mechanism of the community volunteer service station, and promote the orderly and effective development of community volunteers.
    . Working principles
    Culed the party's leadership of the community volunteer service station, conscientiously implement the community's decision -making and deployment of volunteer services, adhere to the actual situation of the community, continuously improve the service mechanism, continuously improve the community Volunteer service station work level.
    . Target tasks
    Coustically set up a community volunteer service activity station, carry out a series of volunteer activities through the service station, effectively do community volunteer services, be willing to dedicate, unite and love, serve the general public, let every every The resident feels that the community volunteer service is by my side.
    . Activity carrier
    Community volunteers: community volunteers are retired by communities and resident enterprises and institutions, students, party members and cadres, corporate leaders and employees, community cadres, community health services, community health services Standing staff, other social enthusiastic people, etc. Volunteers have certain service capabilities regardless of their rewards.
    Community volunteer service station: Community volunteer service station is established by the Xiyuan Community neighborhood committee. The volunteer service station is carried out under the correct leadership and guidance of the community party committee. To carry out convenience services for residents.
    5. Event content
    1. Caring for the activities of empty nest elderly people. Continue to carry out the characteristics of the community's characteristics without walls, so that the empty nest elderly people can enjoy special care services at home. Regular visits to the empty nest in the area in the jurisdiction, carrying out spiritual comfort, housekeeping services, accompaniment, medical guidance, and entertainment activities. Caring for difficulties. Carry out love activities for low -guarantee households and difficult personnel in the jurisdiction, donate donations, donations, send posts, and send technology, carry out one -to -one assistance, solve practical difficulties for them, and allow them to get out of poverty as soon as possible with the help of the community.
    2. Caring for disabled activities. Understand, care, and respect the disabled, carry out psychological counseling, career guidance, employment training, and daily life for them to make them feel the concern of the community and confidence in life.
    3. Medical service volunteers. Carry out healthy community activities, carry out lectures on health knowledge, and provide medical consultation and free consultation services for community residents. It has been warmly welcomed and praised by the community. During the event, volunteers guided community residents to correctly understand the diseases and prevent disease through various forms such as free Chinese medicine medical consultation, measurement of blood pressure, and regular on -site inspections, and patiently answered their questions and meticulously.
    4. Caring for minors. Carry out lectures on legal education and safety education in the community, organize community party members to carry out care, education, psychological counseling, and care about the study and living conditions of minors, and let them grow up healthy.
    5. Visit regularly. The people in the district, the low guarantee households, and the correction objects are taken the lead in community party members and community volunteers to visit them regularly to care about their living conditions and needs.
    6. Sports and entertainment services. Establish a literary volunteer team to participate in the public welfare activities of community and social organizations at any time to improve the quality of cultural and entertainment and life of citizens and friends.
    7. Party members to help volunteer services. According to the actual needs of the assistance objects, combined with the relevant situation of the volunteers, we adopt a group of one or more service methods to implement daily pairing assistance.
    8. Carry out sanitation work activities. Volunteers regularly rectify and clean up wild advertisements, white garbage, weeds, and sanitary dead corners in the jurisdiction. Volunteers initiate initiative to the masses, calling on everyone to work together and participate in the whole people, and promote sanitation workers to be dirty and in exchange for 10,000 family nets. The selfless dedication spirit, promote environmental sanitation construction with practical actions, and improve the quality of residents' civilization.
    9. Family planning assistance volunteer activities. Carry out population and cultural interests and policy publicity activities. In the community's population and cultural courtyard, organize a good mother -in -law, mother -in -law, good daughter -in -law and other selection activities, and actively advocate new styles of marriage and education.
    10. Rights protection services. In today's society, strengthening community rights protection is an important measure to implement the scientific concept of development. It is an important measure to promote family harmony, create happy families, maintain community and even social stability. By carrying out legal propaganda in the community, rights of rights, psychological guidance, poverty alleviation, and other work, various contradictions are resolved in the bud state, soluted at the grassroots level, promoted the physical and mental health of residents, created a civilized and peaceful community environment, created a healthy civilization Life is of great significance.
    11. Volunteer voluntary patrol. Establish a voluntary patrol team to patrol the residential buildings in the area, strengthen prevention, and reduce the loss of residents.
    Is community volunteer service activities 2. Activity theme
    ers to build a harmonious community, promote the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress". The principle of combining sex and public welfare, the combination of organizationality and amateur, actively advocate the spirit of volunteer service, vigorously promote the good atmosphere of helping others for Le Meide, and strive to create a good atmosphere of "difficult to find volunteers, have time to be volunteers", to be a good atmosphere. Develop public welfare undertakings, improve social services, promote the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, and build a harmonious socialist society. Carrying out community volunteer activities is the embodiment of promoting the traditional virtues and volunteers of the Chinese nation, and an important means to build a harmonious society and the creation of a civilized community. In our community, we should continue to expand the service field of "serving social development and the needs of community masses", and continuously expand the service field, and strive to make the community volunteer service activities the characteristics and highlights of social mobilization in our community construction.
    . Participants
    (1) Community party members; community party members must participate in volunteer service activities of community organizations more than twice a year;
    (2) subsistence allowance objects; Community residents who have the ability to act at least twice a year must participate in volunteer service activities arranged by community arrangements;
    (3) other community volunteers, especially foreign residents.
    . Event content
    (1) "Promote the spirit of volunteer and strive for environmental guards" activities. The community civilization volunteer persuasion team is the main support team, and the minimum guarantee objects are the main members. According to the community size, at least once a month according to the community scale, each time it is arranged for more than 20 people. The dissuasion of uncivilized behavior, public facilities, greening, etc. Guide community residents to talk about civilization and new winds, and develop good behavior habits.
    (2) "Dedication of Love Send Warm" activity. The volunteer group in our community is regularly for family difficulties and inconvenient disabled people, or lonely elderly people to send rice to giving oil, cleaning, cooking housework, to reflect the care of society and the warmth of the community.
    (3) "Little Volunteer" activity. During the winter and summer vacations, elementary and middle school students in the community participate in some public welfare activities. Such as the publication of propaganda materials for the construction of a civilized and harmonious community, participating in green care and green activities, etc.
    (4) "Innovation Ping An Community" activity. Relying on the existing voluntary patrol team, in accordance with the current working method of the voluntary patrol team, volunteers actively participate in the voluntary voluntary patrols to maintain the safety of communities and buildings, and promote the safety and harmony of the community.
    (5) Focusing on special days, we will carry out large -scale volunteer activities:
    (1) June 5th, World Environmental Protection Day. Carry out environmental protection propaganda and create green community activities, advocate residents to "save a drop of water, save once electricity" activities, and organize cleaning, clean up white garbage, and clean up illegal stickers.
    (2) July 1st, build party day. Organize all party members to carry out the "Dedication Day of Party Members". All party members will work for one day to work for one day, calling on party members to "add glory to the party flag and contribute to the community."
    (3) On August 1, the Army Festival. Organize the military service and condolences to the military -owned activities.
    (4) On the ninth September, Chung Yeung Festival. Organize condolences to old cadres, old soldiers, and seniors, and carry out the "respect for the elderly and the elderly" activities, such as free medical examinations for the elderly and organizing the elderly to participate in cultural and sports activities.
    (5) Other community volunteer activities, such as poverty alleviation, legal consultation, dispute mediation, etc.
    Is community volunteer service activities 3 In order to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and promote the purpose of volunteer "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress". The volunteers of the association held the community activities with the spirit of "Hong Lei Feng's spirit, exhibition of volunteer style, and building a harmonious community" as the main body. The specific planning schemes are as follows:
    . Guiding ideas A new form of expression in today's era, with the purpose of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress". Her spiritual connotation is in the same vein as Lei Feng's spirit. It is the derivation and expansion of Lei Feng's spirit.
    . The purpose and goal
    In volunteers and activities, promote the spirit of Lei Feng, stimulate young students to dedicate society, care for the enthusiasm of others, and promote the development and construction of a harmonious community.
    . Organization methods
    In led by the Youth League Committee of the Academy, hosted by the Association.
    . Activity time
    Colidate from the Volunteer Group from this Association to the nearby communities and welfare homes for voluntary labor.
    5. Event content and method
    1. Obligorate cleaning activities in the community, and volunteers will be arranged by this Association to participate. The required tools are as follows:
    10 small iron shovel. Thirty brooms, several iron pupa, 5 buckets, several rags, and 5 gray pockets.
    2. Publicity work such as board reports, window windows: In order to enrich the `life of community residents, do a good job of various publicity work, replace board reports and window content on a regular basis. (Required tools: chalk, color pen, several paper, regular newspapers).
    3. To condolences to the elderly and difficult households in the community. The Association will regularly go to the door to serve several lonely old people and difficult households, do housework, and send warmth to them.
    4. Carry out community convenience station service activities to cheer the tools required for residents: air pockets. Maintenance tools such as pliers.
    It, in order to promote the good image of the college and increase the popularity, the Association intends to dress uniformly, such as: 100 hats (printed with "XX" sign), 50 tops or coats, propaganda banners, and several ribbons.
    Is Community Volunteer Service Activity Plan 4. Activity theme:
    The environmental protection trees
    . Activity goals:
    . Enhance the sense of belonging of the household to the homeland, consciously love to take care Flowers and plants to reduce the occurrence of uncivilized behaviors such as trample on the lawn, so that our homes are greener, harmonious, and warm.
    2. Through this festival, I hope that parents will cultivate children to pay attention to greening and environmental protection. Everyone strives to be environmentally friendly guards.
    . Preparation of activity:
    1. Notice of posting in each elevator to promote the 2016 community volunteer activity plan 2016 community volunteer activity plan.
    2. Buy 20 points of gifts and buy 10 kettle. 20 Tree Planting Festival Knowledge Topic
    . Activity process:
    1. Tree planting festival activity starting ceremony: explain the origin of the tree planting festival and announce the start of the event. (9 am)
    2. A prize questions on the spot, a small gift of the right award. (9:30 a.m.)
    3. Watering activities for the trees of the park
    4. Release souvenirs to participants: vegetable baskets and so on. (After the event)
    . The purpose of the event:
    March 12 is the annual tree planting festival, which contributes to our city construction, add a little green to our homeland, so that our home The living environment is more beautiful. Shangqi Lianchuang Network Company decided to plan this tree planting festival to contribute our strength and make our provincial capital more beautiful.
    6. Theme and theme:
    The contribution power, dedicate green
    The opportunity to plant tree planting festivals, dedicate our strength to carry out tree planting festivals.
    7. Activity objects:
    XX all employees
    8. Activity time:
    March 12
    The event location: Shangqiu Forest Park
    9. Preliminary work of the event:
    1. SMS notification: Starting on March 06, 20xx, SMS promotion will continue on March 07 and 08.
    2. Poster promotion: On March 06, all the park streets are posted and promoted.
    3. After the registration deadline (March 08), the person in charge will be arranged by the person in charge. Each group will arrange a group leader. In the case, the members of the group were assisted in the event on the day of the event to complete the entire event
    The community volunteer service activity plan 5 This December 5th is the "International Volunteer Day" to learn and implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China , Vigorously promote the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress", organize and mobilize the majority of community volunteers to actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, actively create volunteer service brands, and strive to attract the social welfare volunteer service activities with diverse forms, healthy and beneficial social welfare service activities, and strive to attract attraction People from different ages, different classes, different industries and other sectors strive to be volunteers, create a new life, widely spread the volunteer culture, promote the new style of the times, continuously improve the degree of urban civilization and the literacy of residents, and formulate the "12.5" international volunteer day theme activity activities Program.
    . Activity theme
    Colidation to create a new life
    . Activity time
    December 1-9
    . Event content
    1. Volunteers who "have difficulties, find volunteers; have time, be volunteer" to solicit volunteer V laugh photo theme activities.
    Coloning the volunteer V smile photos at the event, fill in the information form of one person and one table by the volunteer, establish the volunteer information library, further expand the volunteer team, give full play to the positive role of volunteer services in community construction, use the reality Actions promote a good social atmosphere, attract more residents to become volunteers, make volunteer services the lifestyle of more residents, and become a new fashion in society.
    2. The theme practice activity of "Love Angels into the building and sending warmth". Carry out warm activities, and at the same time, 30 "buffet cards" are given to single -parent children and children in difficult families under 16. Take the initiative to understand what they think, actively solve the problems for them, and send joy.
    3. "Be the Guardian of the Homeland and Protects the Environmental Clean" Volunteer Health Improvement Activities Organize the Community Party Member Volunteers, Volunteer Volunteers, and Youth Volunteers to carry out the major internal and external environmental rectification. Concentrate and rectify the environment, random planting and chaotic piles in the community, guide residents to strengthen the awareness of the owner of the homeland, and jointly maintain the environment of a livable homeland, so that everyone is responsible.
    . Carry out the "Youth Red Ribbon" volunteer publicity activities.
    In the opportunity of "12.1" World AIDS Day as an opportunity to carry out the theme of volunteer promotional activities of "curbing AIDS and fulfilling commitments", organizing engineering, young, and women's volunteers into the community, walking into the streets to carry out anti -AIDS propaganda education activities Through on -site consultation and distribution of leaflets, etc., they promote the popularization of AIDS prevention of AIDS prevention among the people and adolescents. Focus on promoting and education such as mobile population, adolescents, and entertainment venues. Promote active actions in the whole society, eliminate discrimination, and care for HIV infections and families.
    . Activity requirements
    1. Pay attention to, carefully organize. It is necessary to take this activity as a starting point for the construction of community spiritual civilization, and actively organize team members and widely guide residents to participate.
    2. Dot and surface to expand the results. Focusing on the members of the volunteer service team, guide all residents to participate, realize the concept of "fighting for volunteers, creating a new life" with practical actions, and expanding the effectiveness of volunteer service activities.
    3. Continuous improvement and improve the connotation. The purpose of the activity is to deepen the construction of spiritual civilization, build a good interpersonal relationship, and promote the harmonious development of the community.
    Is Community Volunteer Service Activity Plan 6 I. Innovation
    It's volunteer spirit of promoting "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress" The role, in accordance with the Changzhou Civilization Office, the Changzhou Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the Changzhou Volunteer Federation, the School of Education decided to organize the implementation of the "20xx love warmth -Volunteer Harmonious Community" activity. Mobilize and organize the vast number of volunteers to go deep into the community, serve the community, and dedicate communities to create a national civilized city and promote the development of the volunteer service industry in Changzhou. Realize the effective coverage of volunteer services in pairing communities, achieve the convenience of participating in volunteer services and accepting volunteer services, make volunteer services a mobilization method for volunteers and community residents to participate in social development. A lifestyle.
    . Specific planning
    1. Focusing on group difficulties such as the residual disability and laid -off unemployment of the community, through the form of "one assistance and one", "more help one", collective pairing and other forms , Sending hygiene, culture and various convenience services to provide necessary material and spiritual help for community difficult groups. The urgency of solving difficult groups in life, getting rid of the constraints of traditional formalism, and using practical actions to warm the hearts of the elderly, make them feel valued, serve the feeling of being served, and enjoy a happy old age.
    . From the Youth Volunteer Branch of the School of Education, draw a strong troops to form a strong general to form this volunteer harmonious service team, and the grouping situation is as follows: according to the weight of the cleaning activity, hand over the heavier tasks to submit the heavier tasks. When boys are responsible, girls can cooperate when appropriate. Girls are in charge of wiping windows and sweeping the floor. Proper adjustment according to the actual number and actual situation of the service object to ensure that each difficulty object can get the most thoughtful service.
    . Members should talk to the disabled of lonely and old illnesses during the activity, and strive to create a topic that is interested in lonely old illness. In the past, surveys showed that more than 80%of lonely and old diseases have the characteristics of loneliness. The purpose of this event of the Youth Volunteer Association is to try their best to create a good living environment for the disability of the elderly. And the tendency of the mind, ensuring that the elderly and disabled are well -blessing and well -blessing.
    4. After cleaning, sit down and listen to the feedback of the lonely illness and disability on this activity, including the place where this event needs to be improved. Things in order to better carry out activities in the future. Talk to the face of the disability of the elderly, discuss the current current affairs, such as the outlook of the 2008 Olympic Games and the rise in prices. Disabled health knowledge.
    . Feasibility argument
    1. The third community of Qingtan, Yonghong Street, Changzhou, is the provincial social practice activity base of the Education Institute.
    . March is the month of young volunteers. Our event target is the lonely old and sickness of the community. Do not engage in surface articles, and use practical actions to reflect the harmonious community of volunteers.
    . The expected effect
    1. It will be acclaimed by the person in charge of the community.
    . Event reports are expected to be published in Changzhou Daily, Changzhou Evening News, China Changzhou.com and other media.
    5. Activity theme
    20XX loves Wanjia — Volunteer Harmonious Community Ring
    6. Activity notice:
    2. Activity location: The Third Community of Qingtan City in Changzhou
    3. Activity staff: Member of the Education College Youth Volunteer Association
    4. Note:
    (1) The property that is carried during the event When you should keep it properly, carefully pickpocket;
    (2) The fruits you buy should be fresh;
    (3) You should understand current affairs news before the event and expand their knowledge, because some elderly people have listened to the radio Habits, pay more attention to the current hot news.

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